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It is a joy to assist international students in learning English.  I have been teaching English in international contexts for several years. Having completed a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics with TESOL in 1993, a TESOL/TESL certification with Oxford Seminars, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, in May, 2007, and just recently, after obtaining an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in TESL with Distinction (Canada), I am eager to advance my international English teaching career in diverse and multi-cultural environments.

I look forward to securing a position as a teacher of English as a Second/Foreign Language in a primary, secondary or post-secondary setting. I have coveted abilities to teach at different levels of learning and to facilitate learners' personal development.
I believe I am an effective teacher who is trained to provide and maintain a positive and supportive learning environment to facilitate second language learning and individual student growth.

As a teacher, an ESL instructor, and a student advisor, I create and foster a supportive yet dynamic environment that addresses the unique learning styles and needs of all students and encourages them to participate.  I am also trained to teach TOEFL and international examinations preparation.  I uphold a lifelong commitment to helping students achieve their full potential.

Teaching English internationally has become a great career focus since I have been teaching English for the past 20+ years.  I offer my language and linguistic expertise as an excellent teacher so that a worthwhile institution could use my extensive educational and employment background in preparing students especially for university level study, and ultimate careers in business, science, education, technology, and so forth.  I have taught undergraduate classes at the college/university level in The Bahamas, Jamaica, USA and Canada.  

My diverse exposure affords me the skills, flexibility, and open-mindedness to teach English overseas in multicultural contexts. In addition, I adapt to new situations rather well, and I am flexible and open to new challenges and opportunities.  I pride myself on my optimistic outlook, self-motivation, professionalism and attention to detail.  These characteristics will enable me to succeed in teaching ESL/EFL in diverse cultures. I am aware of and sensitive to people's cultural differences and unique perspectives.

The resume and other documents found on my credentials website ( ) provide insights into my education and experience, and convey my passion and enthusiasm for teaching English.  I hope that we can arrange an interview at your earliest convenience.  I appreciate your consideration of my application for an ESL/EFL position at your institution.

Looking For A Better And Brighter Future For All The World's Children.